Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward & Awesome!

Hmm, it's been awhile since one of these little things came out.
Plenty of awkward and a lil bit of awesome still happened.


My son bringing his baby mobile with him to the store and park...

...there were people staring.
But we were at walmart so we fit right in!

This may fit under awesome as well!

I fit a patient into our very busy schedule. He's a big, motorcycle riding, tattoo'd up guy. We're talking face tattoos! and he's not from around here. As he walks in I say:
"Thanks for coming so quickly" He responds with: "That's what she said" His buddy starts to apologize and I am crying I am laughing so hard!! The big guy laughs and says a pretty girl with a sense of humor! made my day!!!
Apparently I'm in with the biker crowd, good or bad thing??
Slamming one of my toes into a log by the fireplace, thus dropping my ass to the ground into the fetal position.
That poor lil toe is now black and blue and swollen as a mother!
Gavin attempted to juggle...eggs & he failed... Really?
This was after the milk exploded on him!
April 4th, they re re releasing titanic in the theatre!! I wonder if she shares the giant ass door shes floating on this time and he lives???
Finding an awesome status update from Tosh.0, I love that white boy!
How was everyone's day? Just kidding, I don't care! haha, thanks tosh.0!
Just plugged in a vanilla coconut air freshener in my room and it smells like someone sprayed my room down with Malibu rum... I'm still not sure if that was awesome or just disgusting...
Went in the back door of a restaurant for breakfast, watched The Grey, ate from a food truck, went to the dirt bike store, the junkyard, had drinks at the vagos home bar, (i was scared!) drove thru scary woods, played in mud puddles and ate some yummy Chinese food. What an awesome day! Read about that adventure here
Getting Val Dee Times flowers from my daddy-o!
He's pretty awesome!
P.S. If you are friends with me on Facebook, most of you have read these already.
It's where I document the important things...
Okay not important whatever!

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