Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday Fun & Saturday Adventures!!

I love waking up, seeing the sun shining through my window and having absolutely no place to be at a certain time! 
After a night out celebrating two 30 year olds birthday and being the DD (which I actually don't mind at all, booze is expensive!)
Little did I know the day I was going to have:)
Let's start with Friday night...

(sean, garibay & squish)

Alann was the first party, he turned the big 3-0!!
We threw a surprise, at least I hope it was, party at the Angelas Restaurant and Cantina (hacienda) (yum)
Mustaches, belly laughing and consuming some amaze steamed clams.
I personally think I look pretty good with a stache!! 
They decided to move the party along and I drove those three boys and Joy to the next stop. 
I didn't ever want to get out of the car. 
Having those three boys talking with a lisp was beyond hilarious!!
Joy & I were dying. 
She's seen it before, I had not...
It was pee your pants funny! 
They're even funny when sober, I think;)

Once I dropped them off I headed to the next town. 
Fueled up on gas and coffee.
Gas for the car and coffee for me!
Met up with my other bestie, Ashleigh!
In all her hotness in an electric blue number, she was wanting to end the night, I did not give up.
I was sober and driving, might as well get her drunk:) 

Bathroom shots always come out the best!
Being the responsible friend I am, we headed to the next place to eat some food to soak up her alcohol:)
There's this one bar/restaurant, Havana Republic that I love going to in the summer.
They play movies on a building wall, fire pits and chairs surround the outside deck! 
Sadly in the winter they don't. 
30* is a little bit cold to endure a movie outside!!

Once we got our food we went upstairs to the sky bar 
danced till ashleigh was standing sideways. lol! 
I wonder if she remembers??
I drove her to her sisters and got lost in the town we were in.
My nav couldn't locate me:/
I would be screwed in the wilderness!!
No worries, I made it out alive!!

Cue Saturday morning... 

...I'm laying in bed the phone rings and it's Sean:)
Saturday turned into field trip/adventure day!! 
I love those unexpected days, flying by the seat of our pants! 
Commence peecatures! 

Walking in the back door/kitchen of a restaurant that we've practically grown up in.
Chops hooked us up with some chorizo con huevos.
I may have called my mom and told her they might have been better than hers... She may have disowned me:/

Who doesn't want to see Liam Neesen kick some
 wolf a$$??
The usual plane crash movie, think alive with less eating of each other and more wolves eating some humans.
I think I would rather have tom hank'ed it up in Castaway... Sun, sand and quiet time. You're skinny, tan and no wolves gnawing on you!
(see below for our after movie snack & our next stop)

Junkyard, an unusual place to take a girl on an outing...
It was closed, I know, I was sad too!
Sean, I think I found a seat for your bike!!
I'm so helpful!

Red Robin for drinks, nah!
Applebees, nope!
Random bar out in the middle of no where, sure!
Throw in a local biker gang and find out that this is there home bar!! (I was warned not to look at them) Whaaaa??? Usually, I don't do what I'm told very well, but something tells me I didn't want to challenge this one.

We took the scenic route back home.
By scenic think of the movie wrong turn.
Backwoods, dark ominous weather on the fore front and running the 4 runner thru some puddles, you know setting us up for failure and sleeping in the woods. Then it started to snow and I was looking around for the wolves to come out and was wishing Liam Neesen was hanging out with us today. Then the sun came out:) Nothing bad happens in the daylight, right??

I have definitely missed the boat, err truck on this one!!
We are in need of more food trucks in our lil town!
I always thought of them as roach coaches, serving up old food, getting sick from them.
This guys food was sooooo good!
I wasn't hungry but had to sample the goods!
Pork taco or pastor tacos! ahhmazing!!!

After the movies, but before the junkyard. We went and looked at dirt bikes.
I really wanted to climb on one, but restrained myself.
I'm kinda like a bull in a china shop.
I envisioned me knocking one over and that one knocking the other one over having a domino effect...
I also wanted to try on the helmets. Pretty sure I could rock one of those and considering how many times I run into things, it would be beneficial!!

Before the we went to the high class bar, we stopped and saw Seans truck.
I think he missed it...

We ended the day with some Chinese food. I love getting the combo's!
You get way to much food and stuff yourself, but wait five minutes and you're hungry again!
That was an amazing day and can't wait for our next adventure!
Wonder where we'll go?
The dump??

Did you have a good weekend??
Oh wait, it's not over yet, I get Monday off too!
Peace out lovers, besos!

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