Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seriously, Thursday???!

Linkind up with Becky @ From Mrs. to Mama

Seriously, you can' t get your child dressed out of his dirty jammies at 3pm?? I understand SAHM, there's no point of changing out of jammies, but these jammies had been on way too long!

Seriously, bathe your child! There's no reason not to! Even if it's for a couple minutes with a good scrubbing down. I felt sorry for this lil babe:(

Seriously, can you wear a pair of pants that come above your butt crack  or a shirt that covers it?? eww! I'm eating here!!

Seriously, those three seriously's just came from lunchtime for me... 

Seriously, is it necessary for us to have construction on every single street I turned on today?? I had a lot to do in an hour lunch and sitting in the blazing heat (yes, I was in AC) did not help my time.

Seriously, I can only type in my  password on my phone one handed. If I try with two hands I get it wrong every time!

Seriously, I don't watch the Bachlorette this season and I'm already sick of seeing, hearing or talking about her...  Next!

Seriously, why is food so expensive?? I want to make healthy meals for my family, but in order to get the best deals I have to go to 14 diff stores, ugg!! Not cool!

As my son would say, Peace Out Rabbits! I need a Margarita! :)

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