Monday, July 25, 2011

I just started this link up and I think I totally failed... I blame Monday & not having finished my coffee, eep!

I confess: most kids, unless they are my friends' or related to me, give me hives! I had to leave the office the other afternoon because this girl would not behave! If I hadn't walked out there would have been time outs handed out with a threat of a very stern talking to! Hives, people, HIVES!!

I confess: I still watch MTV... I can't help it! Teen mom and all those other shoes suck. me. in!

I confess: that I just noticed 2 days later that the above confession said shoes instead of shows, but I don't want to change it. Because, shoes suck me in too! So, it totally makes sense, capice?!

I confess: Pretty sure my kid is the cutest kid ever! I may be a little biased tho!

I confess: Dogs, are not for me! But, this weekend I met the most presh lil doggy named lenny!Check him out @  my seesters blog 

I confess: I hate breakfast, with a passion! Currently, I'm starving and wish I had something to eat... fail!

Okay, that's all I can think of now friends!



Rissy said...

I fall in love with little kids when they come into the store I work in... until they scream, shoot something from a gun, or blow a whistle incessantly. Then they're done-zo haha

I watch MTV almost every night... ya know when there's nothing on BRAVO... I may have the worst taste in television of all time. Makes me feel better you are right there with me haha

Sierra said...

I just got back from lunch and was watching bravo, haha! Quality tv right there!