Thursday, July 14, 2011

hi again~ randy mcrandomness here!

Hi, hello, hola!! I'm waving my arm very emphatically
right now!! You can't see me, and it may seem a lil weird, but well that's me:)
Never mind my boss coming out seeing me wave said hand at computer screen... Oh

Anywho, sorry Ive been MIA lately... There's this little thing
called life and it keeps getting in my way of being productive! I'm gonna hurt it
if it keeps doing that! Okay, no, for reals I have an addiction. Don't worry
it's not drugs or alcohol. Well, i do love my margaritas on Friday nights.

Want to know what my addiction is?? Its just a lil thing
called Pinterest! I love it. If I could marry it I would totally do it!! If you
haven't heard of it go see it, its fantastic! But keep in mind, you won't get
anything else done, ever again! If you need an invite send me your email address
and I will hook you up! No charge, because that's how they do it on the streets
right?? First time's free?? Who am I kidding, I have no idea about that world!

Another thing that's been sucking up my time is the sunshine!
And unfortunately, I can' t pull my ginormous computer outside while i sit
poolside. And by poolside i mean my son's kiddie pool:) I know, I know, you're
jealous! And I'm not complaining because I am loving the tan that is coming from
soakin up the rays!!

And, I'm pretty sure that's all for now... I will get to
thinking up some really good posts that will have you in fits of laughter soon!
Trust, most days I am a complete idiot and make myself laugh harder than anyone

Have a super duper day loveys!

besos friends!

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