Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guilty! or something like that...

Good Morning Sunshines!
I have had an eventful morning, let me tell you!
Let's go back to last night at around 5ish, when I realized that I had JURY DUTY tomorrow (which is today)
Fan-Freaking-Tastic! So, I had a minor heart attack. You know where your pits get all sweaty, your eyes bug out and you bang your head repeatedly on your desk.

I had mentioned it to boss man a couple of weeks ago but forgot in the meantime. So, now I had to find someone to cover for me at work.
No biggie, lots of people sit around with nothing to do.. NOT! No one to cover for me, suck! I still had to go to orientation though.

I not only had to drop my son off earlier than usual, but I was still running late to the courthouse. No way was I going to forget my coffee! Everyone would get the death penalty if I didn't have it!

(totally looks like me, I know!)

So, after stopping and getting my coffee I go to pull out & realize that I will need to pull off a major illegal u-turn if I want to save precious minutes. Luckily, no cops there to ticket me. Thank the heavens! There are no pics on pinterest to show my illegal u-turn, so use your pretty little imaginations to just picture it.

I found juror parking just in the nick of time and realize I have to now walk 42 blocks, in the rain, in under two minutes. With coffee in hand I made a mad dash to the courthouse.

(I had shoes on and was dressed a lil better, not much. I didn't want them to like me...)

I get there 5 minutes late, hair a curly frizzy mess and dripping wet! They hand me paperwork to fill out and watch a movie. And my husband thought Lifetime had bad acting! This movie was horrible. I stared at my shoe most of the time.

All in all, I didn't get picked! Which would normally suck! My feelings would usually be hurt. What do you mean they didn't like me?? I then realize that this is what I wanted! I still have two more chances though! Wish me luck, no wait, don't! I'm all for serving my duty, yadda, yadda, yadda! But not for a measly $10 a day! I got bills to pay and blogs to read. I can't do that while in court!

Anywho, that was my morning! :)

besos friends!

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Raven said...

ok, so am I crazy to say that I WANT to be selected for jury duty? I have never once been asked, but I want to SO BAD!!