Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Seester!!

Well, it was actually yesterday... Yesterday was super busy tho, actually the whole weekend was super, duper busy!!

Anyways, yesterday was my baby seester's bday! She's 27! How'd that happen?? I still remember when we were little playing with our barbies. Cruising them around in the convertible to the pretend mall and pretend pool. And maybe taking there clothes off and putting them in a shoebox with a ken doll... haha, we were smart cookies back then or horrible perverts!

with our bicycle gang... ;) circa 1990's

Disregard, the super cool tight shorts and tucked in tee... What was I thinking??! My sister on the left in her pretty princess dress, posing as usual;) We have so many fun stories that when we get together we bring up and laugh till we can't breath! Like the time I locked her in the chicken coop (accident, i swear), or the time she thought i was causing the earthquake and she was on roller skates and she was telling me to stop. :) Or the time she stabbed me with a fork in the EYE! Haha, that might have been both our faults. Sadly, the convertible I spoke of earlier had a sad ending. It ended up under my mom's tire as we watched our mom run it over, then put it in reverse and run it over again! Very traumatic! :( She never punched me again tho! Unless you count us being kicked off our school bus for starting a fight... Sisterly love!

We are super serious, all. the. time.

In all seriousness, my seester is amazing! She's beautiful, smart, successful and a wonderful mommy! When friends tell me I'm funny, I tell them they need to talk to this girl! She's beyond funny, I'm talking peeing, your pants, tears streaming down your face funny! She's an amazing mommy to my nephew who is only 3 days older than my son. Pretty cool, huh? She lives down in so cal and is 14 hours away. If I could have hopped on a plane, drivin my car or clicked my heels together to celebrate with her I would have in a second! Life just keeps getting in the way. I love you seester with all my heart and look up to you! Literally, she's 5'9" compared to my 5'3" on a good day!

gorgeous, right??!

~Happy 27th birthday natty, nat! love you, Sheera~


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