Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ran a 5k! What??!

So, I originally intended to write this up on the day I actually ran the 5k, but once my butt hit the couch it was adios amigos to anything productive besides The Real Housewives of New York City marathon. Priorities people!
(my beautiful mommy & me)

(the starting line!)

Yes, you read correctly! Well, maybe not entirely true, I tend to stretch the truth a tad, but mostly!! I ran/walked the 5k! Still a feat in itself, because I don't run, ever! I decided on a Monday that I would sign up and ran it, no practice or training on Saturday. The real reason behind it is as follows. My mom is a badass! Seriously! She runs 3 miles a day and occasionally bikes another 2. See what I mean??! Ive tried running with her but can't keep up. You'd think having 20 plus years on her I would stand a chance. Nope, not. at. all! I had a few friends running as well and my goal was to just finish. Cross that line, er two lines. I suffer from asthma. Suffer, now there's a funny word... Basically, my lungs aren't used to any sort of activity other than lugging around my adorable 2 1/2 year old. Long story, short, I finished in 41.35. Now, i know that is no record or anything to brag about especially to all my friends & MOTHER who beat me, but seriously huge for me! I think I will continue this running thing and see where it takes me. No, I will not turn into Forrest Gump! I know you were thinking it. :) Maybe next time I will train a little bit, maybe... Oh, and my mom, the badass, completed it in 30.34! I'm just excited I didn't come in last. FYI: the last persons time was 3:49.02. I so kicked that 99 year olds butt! Granted he had walking sticks... Maybe, I would have been faster with those?? I wont mention the dry heaving at the end of the 5k for those sensitive to bodily fluids.

(brittney and me)

I brought up the idea to my mom about signing up for a triathlon in the summer. I told her she could run it, I would swim it and we could get someone else to bike it. She stated she could bike and I came back with: "in the real world, mom" "not on a stationary bike". Her sense of balance isn't up to par on two wheels and I'm pretty sure training wheels aren't allowed on the triathlon... And the whole swimming in a body of water other than a chlorine filled pool kinda icks me out!:/ Moral of the story, anything is possible when you put your mind to it! Darn it, I always have such good excuses too!


Besos friends:)

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