Friday, April 15, 2011

Hi, I'm a frazzled mommy!

I was gonna wait till next week and post this in Awesome & Awkward but I felt this needed it's very own post... I have always been a bit of a space case. I blame my mom. Notice how I blame shift?? Since, I've had Gavin it's as if my brain goes on vacation temporarily. I will be driving and completely forget where I'm going. I will go to the market and forget what I'm getting. Apparently, lists seem to evade my common sense. I will walk from one room to the next and forget what I'm doing mid walk while a repeat it over and over again. Gone, completely! It frustrates me to no end. Usually, you'll hear me groan in frustration when this happens.

Yesterday, was no different. I was able to run to the store for some much needed quiet time, without the little man saying mommy over and over again. Yay for me! All I needed for dinner was an avocado. I could have gone without but my sushi bowl (more on that amazingness later) just would not have been the same! It was definitely a need not a want! So, i run into the store, somehow the double doors that open erased my memory temporarily, because I stood there with a blank look on my face wondering what was the one thing I needed. Im convinced stores do this so people will over shop. Maybe it's the bright, colorful and sparkly displays but Im just like a fish, doesn't take much to bait and hook me. Ahh, avocado! Yes, I said that out loud and confused the poor produce guy who pointed them out to me. I grab my avo and make towards the self checkout. Where I see a women with no shoes on. I snicker to myself and think I would never forget those! I check out and run outside. I'm always running, always in a hurry! I'm digging through my purse looking for my keys and to no avail. Can't find them. They've disappeared!

I start thinking of scenarios that someone must have taken them. Reached into my purse and stole my car... I then think, well more logically would be that in grabbing my keys, purse, cash & phone i probably threw them on the seat. This didn't have me worried because I never lock the car unless it's with the key fob. I walk to my car and to my surprise and utter humiliation, the keys are in fact in the car, in the ignition and the car is still RUNNING!! Yes, I left the car running! How many people walked by and thought who leaves there car running?? And here i was judging the woman in line for no shoes!! I sat in my car and laughed, I laughed till I had tears coming out!

I got home and my husband asks me, what's so funny? All I could reply with is I'm an idiot and no way am I telling you! He understands these moments all to well. He was satisfied with that answer.

besos friends:)

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