Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Wow, what a busy weekend! I can't believe its already Sunday night!(started this post on sunday but was busy till now) This makes me sad:( Why do the weekends always go so fast, especially when they re so good?? **Warning photo overload!**


I love holidays. Why, you ask? Well, it seems to be the only time we can get all the family together in one spot. My husband comes from a large family (3 brothers) just in his immediate family. In this family I have two (almost 3) amazing, smart, beautiful and talented sister in laws. I feel like I hit the jackpot with them, seriously! I say large because its always just been me and my sister with my parents. We never lived close to our extended family. I can remember being little and going to our aunt and uncles house for Thanksgiving but other holidays it was just us.

So, one of the hubs brothers, wife and kiddos came down from P-town and were staying with my in laws and we all met up on Saturday night. Two of the three brothers and their wives and kids. The other brother is stationed in Hawaii with my future sister in law. My mother in law is an amazing cook and can cook up a mean feast! We had tacos galore, plus her amazing strawberry shortcake!! Yum!!

After dinner we got to dye eggs with the kiddos. This was always my fav part of Easter. I loved dying the eggs! I never realized how messy and stressed out this can make the mom... I have dyed hands from saving the eggs from being thrown by my monkey boy. Needless to say we both had a wonderful array of colors dyed on our hands. :) No harm, no foul. It washed off just fine.

Sunday, unfortunately, the hubs had to work. Who orders cable on a Sunday let alone on Easter?? I see where there priorities lay... So the monkey and I went over to my in laws for an Easter egg hunt (indoors, boo!) I remember being little in Southern California and getting all gussied up, yes, I said gussied. Running around outside and trying to find all the eggs before my sister could... Maybe that's the difference, we live in Oregon, where it rains year round!! Oh, but wait five minutes and it will be sunny again!

After a quick egg hunt we headed over to have brunch at another relatives house! Yay for yummy food! There will be no pictures of this said yummy food because I was too busy eating it and feeding the monkey. Trust tho, it was amazing!! Then after stuffing our faces we somehow made it home in a food coma and took a long afternoon nap! Then all of a sudden it was Monday!!

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