Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh, hi there!

So, I am just gonna jump right in and start this bloggy blog thing. Ive been told I'm funny, with my weird, sarcastic and very dry sense of humor. I've had numerous people tell me that if I had a reality show they would watch it. Which doesn't sound very entertaining to me... I am a huge klutz, I get confused often and make weird faces all the time. I have my moments where I crack myself up but lets not take that I'm a stand up comedian. Most of my material comes from movies, tv shows and at the expense of myself or other people. Be warned! This blog is for mature audiences only!

I am a daughter, seester & mommy. I work full time, commute an hour to work (gah) each way and full time mommy. I make dinner every night. No exceptions even if it involves driving through a drive thru to put dinner on the table. *hard stuff right there! I get my LOVE of cooking from my mom. She makes amazing meals with little to no effort. Ive been known to tell what ingredients are in what foods just by tasting them. I rarely follow recipes and never measure. Hence, never the same tasting recipe. I rarely if ever bake. I am a creature of comfort and habit. If I find something I like I stick with it.

So, by reading this blog you may feel free to laugh along with me. If you don't laugh, what's wrong with you?? I kid;) These are the funny tales of my day to day life! Live, Laugh & most importantly LOVE!

Besos friends:)

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