Friday, April 29, 2011

Awkward & Awesome


besos friends!

Blah, that's how I feel this am... Maybe, its the staying up late and having to open at work. Maybe, its the hour commute that I'm totally over and can't wait for my 3 minute commute. Maybe, it's because it's FRIDAY!! Yep, That's it!! Im pretty sure it's supposed to be sunny today too, so that's a double whammy!! If its sunny and over 50 around these parts i pretty much consider it summer:) I love the sunshine!

~running into someone that used to be a really good friend and then out of no where they stop talking to you... makes me sad:(

~driving behind someone on the freeway during my hour commute and having them splatter a racoon and getting blood and guts on my windshield. Ugg, totally dry heaved and fought the urge to use windshield wipers. It just would have made a bigger mess!!

~ Spelling my name wrong on a coworkers goodbye card. Who does that?? Ive only had the same name for oh, 28 years!!

~ I GOT THE JOB!!! I have been trying for a while now to get a job closer to my house. The hour commute to and from work really cuts into my monkey quality time and that is just unacceptable! Nothing Ive interviewed for has been ideal. This one was perfect, perfect schedule, perfect location and seems like an amazing boss!! (I hope he is)

~ I bought myself my own mothers day gift! I usually get flowers and a card but I wanted something a lil more and there was no way the hubs would have gotten any of my hints. You'd think after being together for 13 years errr, 14?? he'd get the hints and be able to read my mind! So, I now have my own little mini computer! It's small and cute and does what I need it to do! yay!

~ My son eats his veggies first! Every meal! Every time! Amazing right??! When he's hungry for a snack he asks for fruit too! What an odd child I have. I'll just go with it tho:)

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