Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who's your doppelganger??

I have a twin out there, I know I do!
For reals.
People tell me all the time that there is a girl that works a town over at another Dr's office that is identical to me.
I always wonder what office and I want to walk in there to see if she's cute or not.
Maybe she's my evil twin??
Since I have no clue where she works and looking any further would border on stalking, for now I give up.
That doesn't stop me from seeing which celebrities I look like:)

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for "Who's your Doppelganger"

I have been compared to celebrities, but I'm sure it's just their mannerisms that I pick up from watching certain reality tv shows.

I am in love with Khloe Kardashian she is my fav of the Kardashian sisters.
Recently my coworker told me that something I said and the face I made looked like Khloe:)
I told her I loved her!


Haley's sister from OTH, Quinn.
Well one of my other friends says when I take pics I kinda resemble her.
Shantel Vansanten
She's a cutie, I'll take it:)


And then, my seester chimes in saying I look like Punky Brewster.
I'm all like, what???! I look like a child?
I don't get it?!
Then I use my brain and think she must mean Soleil Moon Frye.
Awwww, seester!
I love you too!!!

Source: google.com via Sierra on Pinterest

I check out this website and they said I looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt with a 76%.


Here are a few more that came up when I uploaded my pretty lil face.
So, the instructions say to upload a pic of you looking straight ahead, no smiling.
Well, when I did that all the results came up as men...
Note to self: Always smile!

These are the three pics I used...


::::and these are the results::::

First off, these were all less than 50%, but I am still super flattered.
Well, besides angelina jolie...
Yes, she's beautiful but I just don't like her...
I think most of these pics are just because I have dark hairs and they have dark hairs, hmmm.

Who do you look like??

Besos Si:*

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Arielle said...

haha I think Angie! :)

Jamie said...

Your first pic does look like Khloe!