Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Letters!

That's what I have been doing all day!!
My head hurts and Im a snotty mess.
Anyways, It's Friday and that means it's almost the weekend!!

We were bored.
So, while the eggs boiled we made funny faces:)
We are easy to entertain.

Dear Weekend, lets have some fun:) Sunshine, farmers market and maybe some hot tubbing! Dear Gavin, Im over the tantrums. Please save your drama for your... wait, not your mama! Dear Eggs, thanks for each one of you for cracking. Granted my son dropping them didn't help. Something was seriously wrong with the purple dye one. It came out looking like poop. No joke, Gavin wanted to throw it away... Dear Bed, Lets sleep good this weekend. I could use it! Dear Sunshine, You are beautiful and I love you and you are making things bloom. Which makes me sneeze, ugg! Don't go away! Dear Monkey, I love when you tell me I'm your favorite! Im sure you tell everyone that and Im okay with it:) Dear Britt Festival, Thank you for having some awesome guests this year!! I am so excited to see Gavin Degraw August 30th! I can' t wait:)!!!  Dear Friend, Why is the week so long and the weekends so short. I hate that they end so fast... and Im glad I have a lot of minutes on my phone. Kinda, sorta... okay, alot!

Happy Easter Loves!!



Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You poor thing! I hope you get well soon and are able to enjoy your Easter!

Elle Sees said...

feel better! i suggest zinc.