Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Focus, Focus, Focus...

I've been having trouble focusing lately...
Staying on track.
I thought I had allergies last week, I was trying to convince myself that's what it was.
It wasn't. I had a cold, combined with, well, that time of the month.
I was a grump, lost my smile and didn't want to be around anyone.
TMI, tough. That's me.
I didn't feel like taking the time to write a post. So, an Easter post didn't happen.
The Easter bunny hid eggs and we had a delish ham dinner.
The usual. The weather isn't helping either. The clouds and rain, I'm over it. I want summer here.

I posted this pic on facebook the other day and got a few comments on it...

I replied with I don't need a guy to pay my bills, just someone to make me scrambled eggs, tell me I'm pretty and to be nice to me. Doesn't seem like to much too ask. Self sufficient is nice too. One of my friends referred to that as the mythical unicorn. Good thing I like fairy tales. One of my friends put the same photo on her facebook and she had a  guy "friend" full on attack her and say she just wants a man for his money... Good thing she's a spitfire and fired right back. :)

I put this up this morning. Like I said I've been struggling, isolating myself from people. I'm the girl that will say everything is fine when it's not. I came across this quote this morning. Fitting because  I've had a few friends who have lost loved ones to cancer recently. Then I feel selfish. I'm blessed with this life, my son and we are both healthy. Why am I complaining?? 

I am for the most part. I've been told it's hard to figure out what I'm thinking. I don't understand that. My poker face sucks. 
If I get quiet, that's when you worry. I always have something to say. Lately, I haven't.
And I can't figure it out. 
I'll snap out of it. 

There's a website I've been in love with!!
I just found it! 
I'm sure you guys know all about it. 
I'm just late in finding out...
You can design outfits however you want! 
and more!
It's pretty much awesome!

I've always loved Ashley Judd. 
I fell in love with her even more after reading this article!
Read it! 
Learn from it!

Have you seen this on Pinterest??
Yeah, I made a board and I'm gonna win! 
Sorry loves! :)
Okay, okay, you should do it too! 

I stole this from my friends facebook
for my friends that don't know how to use chopsticks and want a fork on hand.
The Chork

And lastly, One Tree Hill ended last week after 9 episodes.
There was laughing, definite tears and happiness at the way they ended it.
"Haley" from the show has her own blog and I am now an avid reader!!!

I love this house!
Its tiny but perfect!

That's all for this today,
Later lovers!
"love the ones you're with"

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