Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Weekend,

Friday as always was spent at Hacienda. It's a ritual. it's the place that everybody knows your name.
If they don't, they learn it pretty fast.
I was feeling sassy, so I wore a red tank and my leopard hoity toity's
The Leopard's were only $7 dollhairs!
I've decided to give up my daily coffee, so I bought these.
Wait, not my daily coffee, just dutch bros for awhile.
Too spendy!!

Speaking of Good Ol' Dutch Bros
This is what I got from my boys there on Saturday:)

Thanks Dave and Jeff!

I saw the Sunshine later!
Hello sunroof and sunshine!!

I'm pretty sure the sunroof is one of the best inventions!!

We had the mud races to go to that night so after some yummy red robin and flannel shirt shopping.
Yes, apparently a new flannel was needed for the mud bogs...
$60 in flannel later we headed home to change because the sunshine had gone away and the wind and wet had come in:( boo, rain!

If you ran through the mud bogs you had the opportunity to win $200. I seriously contemplated it!
I could have used that money!
It was freezing and I was told I wasn't dressed appropriately for the races...

My feet were warm at least!
Man, I got some funny looks!
Sorry, didn't dress redneck enough, hey, I had holy jeans on.
Which, btw, the wind goes straight thru!
Who knew!
That drink cost $6 dollhairs!
After I finished it, I didn't need another one.
It also kept me toasty warm!!

This is how I looked before the races, after I had a hat hair and had frizzy hairs.
You don't want to see an after pic:/

Sunday, was declared Pajama day!
I rented Despicable Me and Gavin and I watched it 45 times, give or take...
We have it for 4 more days, yay!!

And here we are at Monday again...
Stupid Monday!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Besos :*

Loves, Si

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