Wednesday, July 25, 2012

what i've been pinning lately!

Ive been a slacker posting these. 
Oh, I've still been on Pinterest
Mostly I hit like while I'm perusing at lunch and then organize later. 
These are my recent loves!

Oh how Pinteresting!!

Linking up with The Vintage Apple!

That would be me and my seester! In between running through the sprinklers!

yeah totally me this week! Angry, then crying then craving carbs and chocolate... I think I showed my crazy a bit:/

Word! Prove it:) This goes for girls and guys!!

Always needing a reminder of this!!! Im def a lover:)


I will do this picture!! Just gotta convince the boyfriend to do it with me and reassure him it will not go on fb or on the blog, hehehe... Oh wait, he reads this. damn!

Oh em gee!!! A wine sippy cup (I am saying this in a squeal!!!)) No way, why do I not own this yet???

Yes please:)

That's all folks! 

Im sleepy and ready to hit the hay!
Yay, for tomorrow being Thursday, brings me one day closer to seeing the boyfriend:)
I miss his face... 

Night loves!