Sunday, July 22, 2012

back so soon??

Why do the weekends go by so fast and the week so slow??
Time flies when you're having fun!
Friday was a killer day. The anticipation was horrible!
Finally the day was over and I got my oil changed in my car, picked the boy up and my friend joy and headed to the coast for some camping!!!!

I kid, I love camping! Something about being outdoors, surrounded by friends, huge bonfires and snuggling in a tent with my two loves:)

This weekend went way too fast! Im exhausted and a lil sunburned :/

Enjoy the pics!

this may have been after a few drinks... 
Josh decided to plank the dunes, then joy wanted to plank josh and then I wanted to see exactly how much weight josh could stand. 

No josh's were harmed in the making of this human jenga.

I was feeling very peaceful on the sand, the drinks may have helped. 
My balance is surprisingly spot on whilst drinking!

So, this photo has been altered. 
The girls were way too huge, so I shrunk them... 
Who does that?? 
Most girls would want to plump them up! 

A lil yoga by the fire, totally safe!
1. Sean showing gavin a dead crab, haha!!
2. Hunting for seashells with Sean.
3. cheesy face
4. how i spent most of saturday
5. we play with fire!
6. on our way to the beach!

a late night run to the beach:) 
so pretty at night!!

hahaha, i don't remember this... 

nice photobomb josh!

Some mickey mouse pancakes for lunch:)
And, then we headed home.
Now, laundry and cleaning and then work tomorow, yay!
Time for a nap:)
I had a great time with some amazing friends and the boyfriend.

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