Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday Letters!!

Happy Friday!!!

Here are some Friday Letters:)

Oh and that pic up there. I'm pretty sure is my most fav pic ever of both my guys! 
Waking up to that can put a smile on this girls face.
At one point I was sandwiched between them sleeping all snuggled up:)
Then my rude alarm went off and I was forced out of bed! 

And go on the Friday letters!

Dear Friday, well hello! I have been waiting for you all stinkin week!!! It's not nice to hide like that!
Dear work, holy overwhelmedness (itsaword) So much work, so little time!
Dear brain, thanks for learning all this new stuff! I never even knew I had so much room in there!
Dear Gavin, I will always protect you! You will never have to go somewhere you are scared. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you before. Things will be changing!! You are the most important lil man in my life!
Dear Laptop, why do you give me third degree burns on my legs?? It's so hot!! 
Dear Sean, I am so excited you have a local job now. Now, I can see you all the time!!! That's not creepy, right??? And, thank you for loving me. Even with all of the crazy (well, just one) people in my life. You are my favorite guy and I love your face! actually I love all of you:)
Dear Olympics, wow! I am amazed at all the talent out there! and kinda shocked at the table tennis, really???
Dear readers, the ones that think I don't know you're reading. Trust me, I know. 
Dear Friends, thank you for always loving me!
Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed. Hurry up and do your job! You always work so fast around me and for that I thank you:)
Dear lacy panties, I'm breaking up with you. Seriously, I rip you too easily... Not cool!
Dear Reno,!! 
Dear Weekend, Hi!!!!! 

Besos, si:*



Michelle said...

I dont think we're meant to balance laptops on our legs so they probably dont think about the heat when they make them! I do the same though. Good excuse to put it down on the table and go pour another wine :) Or grab a coushin to balance the laptop on!

Nicholl Vincent said...

aw, what a sweet picture :)

Have a great weekend!! Stop by and say hi!