Thursday, July 19, 2012

I love us:)

He challenges me and can make me laugh in a matter of seconds. 
I hope he stays around because my heart really likes him. 
I don't think he knows how much, I try to hide it... 

and we send each other funny texts, like this... 

Oh wait, I don't think I've sent him this one yet... 
Maybe, I'll wait. 

He also sings to me, albeit at strange times. 
Still he sings. 
In the shower too! 
I'm not in the shower, well, never mind...

He takes me out to dinner.

Olive Garden has a super good deal going on right now. 
2 for $25. 
2 apps, 2 entrees, unlimited salad and bread sticks!! 
He took me last weekend. 
$70 dollhairs later...
 Umm, what??! 
We left in a food coma... 

We're going to the coast this weekend.
 A quick two nighter vacay! 
With my boy! :) 
It's a first!

Everyone rides quads or dirtbikes, 
I ride a 10 speed... 
No, really, that's me. 
I look an awful lot like jen aniston lately... 
Fine, don't believe me. 

He encourages me
He loves me 
he bought me a love bamboo.
 As long as I keep it alive we'll be together. 
Can you over water a bamboo plant?? 
No, seriously.
 I have trouble keeping plants alive... 

Mmmm, yeah. That was a lil mushy... Guys like mushy, right??