Monday, August 20, 2012

for jessie... and baby brain:/

Right now, I have a friend that is probably in a tremendous amount of pain. 
She is probably exhausted and feels like her body can't push (literally) much longer. 
I've been sending her good thoughts all day. 
Hoping she would be out of this pain, because as soon as she's done,
she is going to experience the purest love ever. 
She will lay her eyes on the most perfect creation that she will ever see. 
And, not instantly, but eventually she will forget the pain. 
I'm still waiting for mine to fade away...
She will realize the sleepless nights before the baby were totally worth it. 
The sleepless nights to come will be long and tiring, but she wouldn't trade it for the world. 
Sending good thoughts and prayers your way Jessie! 
Love you to the moon!!

I got to hold my friends almost 4 month old baby this weekend. 
To say I got baby fever is a little extreme.
But I didn't want to let him go. 
The way they look at you out of curiosity, I love it. 
The way they smell and how warm and cuddly they are. 
There's nothing better in the world.

Seeing a 4 month old makes me realize how big my almost four year old is!
He won't let me rock him to sleep anymore, he says it's weird.
The other day he asked me not to kiss him in front of his friends at school. 
I still did, while he kicked and screamed. 
Then he whispered "love you mom" and my heart melted. 
The love I have for that kid, makes the world go round.
Will I ever have enough love for another one??
Maybe, but for now, I'll rely on my friends to get cuddle time with the babes.

Don't grow up littles, stay small and cute;) 

besos loves:)

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