Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mom, I want to do that one thing that ends with Amen...

My boy is usually in bed by 8:30. 
On school nights and this is pretty much 
on his own accord.
He tells me he's tired and crawls into bed. 
Amazing, right??

I owe it to his school, I don't know what they do all day but he is exhausted when he gets home. 
Tonight he asked me as he was crawling into bed if we could do that one thing that ends in Amen. 
I wanted him to remember so I asked him what he meant. 
He said, we say dear God and then amen and then next time won't you sing with me. 
He doesn't like when I laugh because he thinks I'm making fun of him 
so, I kept the giggles to myself. 
I asked him if he meant praying??
He said yes, that's it! 
I told him the prayer I use to say at night and it sounded kind of morbid.
So he told me to google it... 
Yes, he did!
I found the one at the top and liked it much more! 
We prayed for ama, papa, me and sean to sleep good. 
When I asked him who else he proceeded with a list. 
We then prayed for joy, josh, sabrina, squish, makennon, buddha, andrea, javen and josh again. 
Because he's big and needs extra help sleeping:)
Basically, the group we hang out with on the regular and their kids. 
He was then out in less than five minutes.
I am left in awe at this lil guy! 
I love that I switched him in schools and that he is learning and retaining all of this information.
Of course, some days, when I ask him what he did at school he responds with "I don't know"
I love that lil man more than anything:)

My heart is happy tonight!

Boyfriend got a local job!!!
He's home every night!
I can stop having a relationship with my phone:)
That makes my heart happy too, a lot! 

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awwww... yay for happy hearts! :o)