Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wanna see me procrastinate? just you wait...

I have lists, everywhere!
Do I finish them?
Does it make me feel better to write them out?
When I have to much to do,
I tend to say eff it and do nothing.
Bad, bad habit!!
I did get my christmas cards out, to the immediate family...

So, right now. I am blank.
Chalk it up to being sick with the stomach flu.
Not getting many ideas whilst hovering over, you know!
Im feeling much better, thanks for asking.
Not sleeping very well.
When stressed apparently my body thinks sleeping is overrated.
The bags under my eyes are proof...
The eye twitch is awesomeness too!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest
I probably drive people crazy when Im like this.
I can't stay on one subject, ever.
I never finish anyth...
Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

This is super cute!
Coordinates of where your loved one is or??
See, told ya!

Today Im taking lil man to see the big guy in the red suit.
I just think it's so weird we take our children, who we tell to stay away from strangers,
to a stranger and have them sit on their lap.
Oh wells, it's what my super cute kid wants to do.

Here is our convo the other night about what he wants from santa...

Me: Gavin, want to go see Santa and tell him what you want for christmas??
Gavin: Yeah, I want to tell him I want a new mommy!
Me: What??! No! You want me to go away?
Gavin: No, I want someone else to cook, clean and do laundry so you can play with me more...
Me: Oh honey, that's called a sister wife. Im down with that.
Gavin: Okay, I want that then!

I can't make the stuff up that comes out of this kids mouth!
4 days till xmas, still havent started shopping...

Have a super awesome day loves!

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