Monday, May 9, 2011

mom, mommy, mama, mooooooom!

5 Things I {LOVE} about being a mommy:


I got this post idea from another fellow blogger:) We'll see if I can sum it up into 5 things...

1. My son's goofy faces he makes!

2. The things he says. Here are a few...
a. "Mommy, you make me smile"
b. "Can we have a dance party?" (the answer is always yes to this!)
c. "I want broccoli for dinner?"
d. "I love you mommy" (melts my heart!)

3. How much he overhears what he's not supposed to hear and then uses phrases that I say at the right time to say it.
a. "minor detail" (when making dinner at his kitchen and he spills something)
b. Caught him singing rock a bye baby to his kitty:)
c. always scolds me if I say a bad word, oops!

4. I have no brain! Seriously, I am constantly distracted by watching him. I call it mommy brain. I'm okay with that, because I get this cute little cuddle monkey!

(leaving coffee on my car for a couple of blocks)

5. Speaking of cuddle monkey! I know being a mom of a boy my cuddles will soon be stopped short when he realizes it isn't cool that mom is smothering him with kisses and hugs and my incessant I love you's. So I try to do it as much as i can till I can't. Who am I kidding, I will still tackle that kid with sneak attacks of kisses!!

There! I kept it to only 5!! I'm sure there are a million more reasons I love my lil man:)

besos friends:)

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kebowman said...

aren't little boys the best?? Seriously, there is NEVER a dull moment! :)