Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

It's another week!


~Getting in a fight with the wall, the door and some boxes in our storage room, and losing, horribly! I have bruises to prove it!

~Showing up to work with my work shirt and pants still damp. Someone forgot to dry them all the way... A soggy crotch is no fun people!


~My son deciding it would be a good idea to pull the front of my shirt down in front of strangers. Mama can move fast people!

~This wasn't awkward at all for me, but I felt a lil bit embarrassed for this guy. Is orange the new black??


~My dad trying to prove to me that the tongs he was using on the BBQ were better than the ones I had in my hand. Yes, thats my chicken splat on the ground & yes it went back on the grill. 10 second rule applies here! Thanks dad!:)



~The rain coming down in sheets! The thunder clapping! The lightening, umm, lighting up the sky! Whoa! Glad I was inside for that 30 second storm!


~My son throwing up the I love you sign to me first thing in the morning:) loves him!


~BBQ time!! I love summertime BBQ's, nuff said!


~My dad and monkey racing:) my heart smiles on this one!


~Garden time!!! Tomatoes, red onions, parsley, basil, artichokes, oh my!



Besos friends:)


Mistakenly Misunderstood said...


The Tiny Team said...

I love awkward situations, they are the spice of life! Especially when my kiddos pulls down my shirt too, that's always a moment in time...


Your kiddos a cutie pie


Voe said...

I love thunder storms, but we don't get them much here in England (it rains a lot, but it's always half hearted). When I was on holiday in America I witnessed the best thunder storm ever and it lasted about 30 seconds. I wish we had those here!

All the best,