Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

To Whom It May Concern:

When something upsets me I have a tendency to say “I’m gonna write an angry letter to someone in charge” I have in the past, but never sent it. Sometimes it just helps to write out your feelings. I hate holding grudges; they only end up hurting me. A lot of the times on my facebook page I will write in my status Dear _____: So I thought I would write out a few of my dear so & so’s… here goes!

Dear Sprint:
Why must I wait till August of next year to get a new phone?? My blackberry keeps taking a crap on me, figuratively not literally, and would benefit from a new one. Not a refurbished one, because obviously something is still wrong with them I’ve had letters stop working. You try typing out a text without an “F”, seriously harder than it looks! The charging port stops charging… really??! And now, my sprint music store won’t let me buy music. You are really just hurting yourself here! I hear a new song and I will buy it instantly! My bb keeps throwing up the error that my phone is in airplane mode, which prompts me to show it what airplane mode feels like going 60 on northbound I-5 OUT MY WINDOW! That frustrated!

Dear trucker who tried to run me off the road yesterday:
Thank you for that, you’re awesome! If you were wondering why you got the one finger wave, this is why! However, the I love you in sign language that my adorable 2 ½ year old threw up, was not. He turned my pissed off, road rage moment into a cute and cuddly one that I had to laugh at. Thanks for that monkey boy! ;)

Dear bloated tummy:
I realize you feel the need to bloat around this time of the month, but really must you make it look like I am 4months preggo??? Not acceptable! And the twins on top, seriously! You grow another cup size during this time of month too! I don’t need any help up there. I’m sure there are girls out there that do, but not me. I would be happy to donate that way. My cups needn’t not runneth over!

Dear Doctors:
I fax you once a month on each patient you refer over. I need the ax signed that I am sending you. It’s not just a courtesy! Do you throw these papers out? I hope you at least recycle the 3 faxes I send to you over the course of a month. When I finally get around to calling you to see what’s up, you say “oh that’s what you needed, I couldn’t tell?” The note on the fax coversheet that said please sign and fax back must have been confusing. And you’re a doctor???

Dear son,
I’m sorry you woke up grumpy this morning. If I had my way, I would stay home from work and snuggle you all day. Completely covering you from head to toe in kisses until you ran away from me and I would still chase you;) I’m sure you are having fun at home with daddy today doing boy things. I like our phone convos when you call me at work and ask me what I’m doing or what is that. I can only assume you are pointing at something that I can’t see over the phone. I’ll see you tonight, besos monkey boy:*

Ahhh, I feel so much better! AmazingJ Have a great Tuesday!

Besos friends:)

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