Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Randoms for a Tuesday...


Ive come to realize I am more random than the
usual person. I'll say things and get a look like, huh?? I quickly follow that
with a never mind and a shake of the head. Sometimes embarrassing myself. Which,
is pretty hard to do! I'll include some confessions too, because well, that's
random as well. And because I can, so there;) Here's some little
randoms/confessions for today...

~ I am completely embarrassed I have a blog.
Ive only told two friends, eep! I feel like this is my online diary/personal
thoughts directly from my crazy mind. Ive been told numerous times that I'm
funny and I should have a blog because my friends would totally follow it and
laugh at/along with me.

~ I decorate my food before I eat it... I
love a yummy looking meal with a bunch of colors. I usually take pics of it too.
Its basically a work of art. Can I get a job decorating food?? That would be

~ I have a huge potty mouth, rats! I'm trying
to curb it because having a 2 1/2 year old who is basically a parrot curse
is not cute. So Ive resorted to shucks, rats, fooey, fiddle sticks and my fav
son of a monkey. It just doesn't have the same effect. There have been studies
that have shown cursing actually helps reduce pain levels. I'm convinced! I only
curse during times when it is absolutely necessary...

~ Ive never ice skated, roller bladed, ski'd,
snowboarded or water ski'd. Why, you ask?? Well for one my mom always said I'd
break my ankle and there is no way I was going to prove her right! Secondly, no
one has ever taught me. I want to do it, but who has the patience to teach a 28
year old how to roller blade?? Anyone?? That's what I thought. Thirdly, well
there is no thirdly but I just wanted to say it.

~ I am way to attached to my blackberry! I
can admit it but really! I use it as my calculator, camera, texting and fb'ing.
At times it annoys me that anyone can get a hold of me no matter where i am,
i.e. bathroom, tanning. It makes it very difficult when i threaten to run away
and still have my phone on me so the hubs and monkey can locate me. Who'm I
kidding. I couldn't run away. I remember the days when you could leave the house
without it and no one would be upset that you didn't return a call or text in
half a second.

~ I am crazy claustrophobic! Like, don't wrap
me up in the sheets or blankets to tight or I freak! This can happen when there
are too many people around as well. Ive been known to walk out of stores or give
myself a timeout so I don't have a breakdown. People aren't aware of their space
anymore. People walk too close or talk to loud. I am continually backing up if
someone is talking and standing too close for my comfort. Stay out of my bubble
people! But if you are my friend I give hugs.

~ I have issues with spelling and grammar
errors! I wanna break out the red pen and scribble all over my facebook or text
messages. There is spell check people. You are not being creative finding
another way to spell something. Use it! Also, please know the difference
between: they're, their, there! Seriously!

~ I make up nicknames for most all of my
friends. I think it stems from me forgetting names of people. Luckily most of my
friends I've know for years. Doesn't mean I don't give them nicknames. Most of
my friends I call love. It's nice to feel loved so why wouldn't you address your
friends like that. My hubs has always been babe or Todd. Inside joke on that
one... I pick up on something they say or do or the way they look. Its meant
with love and never to hurt anyones feelings. My dad does the same thing with
people. My seester has always been scooter to him and I'm tinks. :)

~ My purse is the Mary Poppins of purses! It
holds everything I could ever need or want! Or my monkey could ever need. You
name it I probably have it in there. btw, I love Mary Poppins, I wanna be

~ The song You are my Sunshine makes me cry
every time. I have no idea why! My mom used to sing it to me when I was little
and she knows she's not allowed to sing it to me now because I bawl like a baby.
The other day I heard her teaching the song to my monkey and I teared up. I
could here Gavin copying her with the same inflection that she was using and I
wish i could have been videotaping them sing it so I could put it on repeat. If
my heart could smile it was at that time. As we were eating lunch later that
day, my boy looked at me and said, "you make me happy" and I responded with
"when skies are gray?" and he said yep momma!

"I'm not like you, I'm just me & I'm okay
with that" :)

I found this quote the other day and I
forget who wrote it but it described how i feel about myself. I don't think I
fit into a "normal" category of how a person should or shouldn't be. Sometimes I
look at people and wish I had something they have or did something the way
they would. That wouldn't' be me tho... I like me. I like how I can charm a room
with my smile, make people laugh and make them feel loved:) I'm just me and I'm
okay with that, most days at least...

besos friends:)

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