Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The one where I win the lottery...

in my dreams. 
Yeah, that's where that was. 
Imagine my disappointment when I woke up. 
I wasn't living in my new house, with my new furniture. 
That made monday that much harder to wake up to. 
I normally don't buy lottery tickets. 
But, I happened to watch this little show the other day called lottery winners 
where they are now. 

So, I had to go buy a mega bucks ticket
and immediately start planning what I would buy, remodel and how soon I would be on a tropical vacation with both my boys in speedos!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

I started with the house.
All of these pins courtesy of Pinterest of course!
Come find me!
Lets build it!

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

The front door, the first impression...

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

The entryway, a mirror to check yourself one last time on the way out

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

The living room, loving the ceilings

The kitchen, swoon!

dining room

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

where we drop our pants

Source: via Sierra on Pinterest

the other place we drop our pants, love brick walls!!


a must for any house, closet...
either one will do!
like mine would ever be that clean!!

where our guests will stay

and bathe...


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Tyler said...

I've seen that living room before.. and I am IN love with it. The high ceilings are gorgeous, and the stone fireplace is amazing. And I LOVE brick walls! So perfect :) In fact, I just love all of these! Thanks for sharing :)