Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I believe

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

I believe in my girlfriends

I believe in love 
still believe in marriage and happily every after...

I believe in scarves, hoodies and rainy days

I believe in my boy

I believe in praying and miracles.

I believe in being kind to everyone. 

I believe in being silly and making people laugh.

I believe in snuggles, cuddling and hugs

I believe in sleeping in and having lazy sundays

I believe in having an imagination with my boy.

I believe in myself, most days

I believe in wine and cheese, mostly together!

I believe in laughing, hard, belly laughing.

I believe in kisses, deep passionate ones and silly fast ones.

I believe in asking for help.

I believe in getting dressed up


I believe in mustaches

 I believe in f.r.i.e.n.d.s

I believe in always smiling when I see a camera

I believe in working out, I just don't do it....

I believe in strong women and role models

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besos loves!


Unknown said...

I believe that one day soon you will come visit me and mini me. Love Jess

Blue Dog Belle said...

Great list!

xo, Emily

bonbon said...

Love this! I especially love what you said about believing in love and marriage. I think the world can get so jaded sometimes and I feel like marriage keeps getting a bad rap, but it's so important! I just found your blog and I'm excited to get to know you better...I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)

Rachel said...

I'm like you: always smiling for the camera! I believe in getting dressed up too...sometimes for no reason.