Tuesday, October 2, 2012

wish I may, wish I might...

As I lay here in bed, the one million degree laptop on my lap, where else, inhaling what Im hoping is skunk spray outside and dying of thirst but too lazy to get up and get water I started thinking of my birthday wish list.

As I was threatening to take away my almost 4 year old's birthday he came back with: "oh yeah, well you can't have your birthday!!" "How about that mom??" I came back with a fine by me!!!

I will gladly stay in my twenties for oh ever!!

So, this is supposed to be the big one, the last big one till, what, 50??

So, what do I want for the big one??  

Just a few essentials...


Source: purewow.com via Regan on Pinterest

Some of these adorable, knuckle rings. 
Not gold or white gold or anything worth any value.
Why, because people steal anything worth value. 
Money doesn't make me happy, it's the thought that someone thought of me. 
It could come from a quarter machine and I would be happy:)


I want to be able to eat shrimp again!!
I love it and hate the hives that come with it.
It's just not becoming to be itchy and swollen on a date with the bf.
Good news, I can still eat crab!

Some crab legs will do!
My mouth is watering right now!!!


Source: imgfave.com via Sierra on Pinterest

Kisses, from my guy. Lots of em!
I love kisses from him:)


Source: imgfave.com via Sierra on Pinterest

Automatic wine opener!
I am a lil tired of asking people to open my wine bottles.
I love wine, I just can't get into them!!
I've broken friends wine openers, cork screws, what the heck are they called??
I smashed my finer the other day trying to open my vino.
For the safety of myself and everyone else, please!!!


Duh, Jack Purcells!
White leather ones to be exact.
I can't bring myself to buy them for myself.
A. because I'm poor and spending sixty dollhairs on shoes for me is ridic!
B. because I used to buy three pairs for sixty dollhairs before they were popular!!

One or all of them would be appreciated!
Except for the kisses,
 those can only come from my guy!!

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