Sunday, June 19, 2011

Laugh until you snort...

This weekend has been super so far!!

I started my new job and love it! I get to come home on my 2 hour lunch or lunch with friends!

So, Friday I got off work and came home, cooked dinner while the hubs bathed the stinky monkey. Ate really fast because I had to be at the hacienda @ 7 to help out. Tons of friends came in to say hi and have a cocktail! I love those nights:)

Saturday, we traveled down to the Saturday Market and had tamales and homemade doughnuts, omg, they both were amazing in their own amazing way! No pics on that because apparently I was too busy eating my tamale and trying not to burn my mouth on the pipping hot doughnut! Yes, I shared!

Saturday night, my super beautiful friend sara was in town from Idaho and my super awesome hubby said I could go out for a bit. Which is huge since I go out on fridays I stay home on saturdays. We went to G Street Bar and Grill and had some okay sushi. Wasn't spectacular or anything. But the laughter and giggles with friends are always priceless. I wore a short lil jean skirt and sara almost pummeled me. Apparently she has issues with short skirts... ;)

Anywho, now it's sunday and it's FATHERS DAY!!! Celebrate the men in your lives:) The hubs had to work, so monkey and I went down to opening weekend at the horse races:) He loved watching the horseys run really fast!!


besos friends:)

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