Monday, November 19, 2012

When your birthday falls in the middle of the week you get two birthdays!!

This has been one of the best birthdays ever!
Mark it on the calendar!!!

First I get taken on a surprise trip to Portland!
Then, to the zoo!
Next, crab legs at Joe's, mmmm!

Friday night after work, Sean said he was craving Applebees. 
Which is weird, because I didn't think he like that place...
As we walk in to the restaurant, I see one of our friends, Squish. 
Sean walks right by him and Im confused. 
I turn the corner and all of our close friends are there. 
I think "Oh, how cool, we're all having dinner together" 
Then they all say Happy Birthday!
Umm, what?
For me?

I had presents and wine and presents and wine and cake and wine:)

 Oh yeah and some jello shots:)
with whip!

 Sabrina even brought in a cake with a giant 30 on fire!!

We then went bowling. 


 So, buddha looks a lil scary... 

 Sabrina, Addie, me and Andrea

 Most of the girls minus joy:(
who left because she was "tired"

Joy, before she left. :)

 The mastermind behind my birthday surprise dinner:) 
love her!
My cute guy:) 

I scored an awesome 81!
Apparently I need to practice more. 
We did know all the words to the 80's songs that were playing, awesome!
Next to the bar that smells like toilet to play pool. 
Well the boys reminisced about the good ol days and the girls played pool.
Well I just hit the balls and andrea did the math on what angles to hit the ball in or something like that. 
Then dancing and more eating, breakfast at 3am. 
Finally sleep and snuggling till very, very late in the morning. 
Almost Saturday afternoon! 

Saturday we went to rent a movie and came back with four.
1. The watch: Ehh, it was alright.
2. 50/50: This movie makes me sob, ugly cry and laugh!
3. The Amazing Spiderman: It was ok... 
4. Savages: The previews looked amazing on this one. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! 
So good!!! A little intense at times but I kinda liked the character that Salma Hayek played!!

I made an amazing beef stroganoff for dinner and we veg'd
Cookies were involved as well! 

Sunday, was lunch with friends and Bond, James Bond.
Skyfall with friends and the rest of our town. 
The theatre was packed, I was fighting off my claustrophobia the entire time!

Next weekend I will be eating freshly caught and cooked crab, mmmmm!!! 
Please rain let up so we can go crabbing, please!!!!
Note to self:
Get lots of butter!!!!

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