Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She's my person

So there's this girl.
She's the girl that would always be there for me, no matter what time of day.
She's my person...
Today, June 19, is her birthday. 

I've seen her at her worst and she's seen me at mine. She doesn't judge, she would have my back in a second and her argument would be even better. I am blessed to have her on my side.

She is one of the few people that knows what it smells like in the back room in the dead of summer, doughnuts and semen... She knows the way the butter melted into sludge as we dripped in sweat because the A/C was out again at work. She is the one that can make me laugh the hardest in the worst of situations.

She forced me to watch one of the 16 Saw movies and fell asleep on me as I watched in horror. She's shown me her piercings and I've literally danced in her shoes.

I have seen her naughty bits and saw her youngest brought into this world. I will always apologize for the face I made, haha! I will always be the one to reassure her daughter, keira that she in fact did not come out of her mom's butt.

Today is her birthday. She turns 29. I've known her for almost 10 years. Shes the same around everyone. I hope I have her around for a very long time! & if not, I have first dibs on her shoes. She can have mine if I should go first. There it's in writing;) I fucking love you bitch! ;) Happy Birthday and here's to many more!!!

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