Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Everything happens for a reason, right??

This has been the common theme in my life for quite some time now. 
Here I am, sitting in bed, wide awake thinking over the worlds problems. 
Okay not really. Just my problems. 
Which in my head seem enormous, 
but then I think of other things people are going thru and I feel selfish.
 I realize how blessed I really am in life. I have a roof over my head, a healthy lil man, a great family, amazing friends and a guy that is a keeper! (He surprises me every day)
Why am I going off like this you ask?? 
No, it does not have to do with the cold/allergies I am suffering through right now 
is making me think a lil off tonight.

No, it is not the late hour that I am up pinning as many things as I can to Pinterest as if my life depended on it.( Oh tomorrow is Oh how Pinteresting!!) 
Yes, I may have been feeling a lil down on myself but all that changed when I saw an ad on one of the websites I have been perusing every hour or so at the hopes of finding my dream job. 
I had told myself I would go to bed, 
oh but wait,
 there are more ads on there to look at!! 
Then I saw it. Wait, they want to pay me to pin stuff to Pinterest. 
Okay, the allergy meds are making me delusional! 
Nope, I reread it about 200 times and in fact they were looking for someone who had some knowledge of Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Manteresting, WeHeartIt.
 (I will be checking out this manteresting website!!)
 I would say I have "some" knowledge of this Pinterest website! 
Social media networking, yeah I can handle that:) 
Lets see where it takes me! 
Everything happens for a reason and I was meant to see this ad. 
Whether it goes anywhere is out of my hands now. 
It is what it is. 
I think it would a pretty cool thing to do tho! 
So, wish me luck, cross your fingers, toes and pray to whomever. 
Besos and night sweet friends!! 

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