Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder??

Hi friends.
Wow, I'm surprised I still have some of you following. 
Apparently I needed a break. 
Did you miss me? 
Wasn't feeling very inspired.
Overwhelmed with life, well, I still am... 
Well, I'm back. 
I am ruled by my emotions. I have no poker face. So when someone that I hold very close to my heart paid me a huge compliment about my blog in front of numerous friends I was moved. Ive always said I do this for my own "therapy" it's cheaper than real therapy and less destructive on my liver. Much to my parents dismay when life hits a bump they offer up tequila shots. 
FYI: Tequila on an stomach that hasn't eaten for over 24 hours is not a good idea. Word to the wise. Especially because when I get stressed I tend to forget to eat:/ BAD! 
Life has thrown me a few curve balls over the past few weeks. I've lost a good friend. Don't worry, she didn't die, but she's not here any more by my side... Almost hurts just as much. Never the less I wish her nothing but the best and just wish she knew I was sorry for whatever I did to make her walk away from our friendship. I've lost a job. 
Focusing on the good things. Summer is almost here, I've got a good tan so far, my summer clothes are all fitting big, amazing new friends, taking a friendship to a relationship with a pretty amazing guy, camping, my boy and numerous other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting. 
Things are changing and I'm hoping for the better.

I am, completely. I've noticed I'm stronger, I tend to stand up for myself more. Making other people happy wasn't working for me. It was just bringing me down more. I want positive people around me that bring me up not down. If speaking my mind makes me a bitch then so be it. Don't get me wrong. There are still times when someone says something that brings me back to my darker days. I am no where near to being perfect. I was reminded of that from someone in my past this weekend. I've made mistakes and still make them. Forgive me if I've hurt you. It's never my intention. I'm a work in progress. Isn't everyone?  I'm a lover not a fighter. I love hugs and kisses. I love having arms around me. Ironically, it can't be just anyone with their arms around me.  Any one with me has to know that. But I will stand up and protect the ones that love me. 
Nope, never regular. I am the one that laughs last because I don't get the joke. That's okay. 

Thanks for bearing with me. It's nice to know I have friends that would be there for me too. 
More to come. Don't give up;)

Besos sweet friends:*

P.S. I missed my blog anniversary... I've been blogging for over one year. I surpassed a goal of mine:)

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